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 Bloo and Madame Foster

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PostSubject: Bloo and Madame Foster   Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:23 pm

Name:Madame Foster (I don't remember if her first name was ever revealed)
Age: Let's just say..... 72?
Appearance: Madame Foster is very short, probably about four or five feet tall at most. She has black-rimmed glasses, a cane, and her white hair is in a bun. She wears a yellow shirt and a green jacket, with a black/purple/brown skirt.
Talents: Uh.... I s'ppose having lots of energy despite being an old woman?
Flaws: Can get way too hyper at times, can be very immature at times, and very mischievous
History*: Madame Foster was a very hyperactive young girl, despite being raised in a rather quiet household by her quiet parents. When she was about seven, she imagined Mr. Herriman, her British-accented overgrown bunny to keep her company. As she grew older, she began to grow more and more concerned with the fact that people simply were abandoning their imaginary friends on the streets, and vowed to never abandon Mr. Herriman. Madame Foster didn't start the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, however, until she was about fifty, after years of working at orphanages and stores, and with Mr. Herriman's help, it grew successful. Madame Foster has never turned away an imaginary friend (or so we imagine from the show) since opening the Foster Home.
Roleplay Example*: I hobbled down the stairs, feeling weary as I looked around. It was too quiet for me here.... Well, time to change that. “Mr Herriman!” I shouted, waving my cane around. “Come here this instant; we need to liven this place up, yes?”
Anything else?: Nope.

Name: Bloogard Q. Kazoo (Bloo for short)
Description: Bloo just looks like a blue cylinder-like blob. He's about as tall as Mac (probably four or five feet tall). He only has thumbs on his hands, and usually has a paddle-ball around with him. Sometimes, he wears sunglasses.
Owner's Name: Mac
Talents: Failing to use paddle-balls correctly and hitting people/himself with it, acting cool/mischievous
Flaws: self-centered, narcissistic, has bad memory sometimes and is very mischievous
History*: Bloo was imagined by Mac when Mac was only three (since Bloo is five and Mac is eight, apparently). He and Mac were best friends, although their friendship was strained at times due to Bloo's attempts to act “cool”. While digging through the trash one day when Bloo was three years old, he found a paddleball and immediately fell in love with it. Despite his attempts to perfect paddleballing-ing, he always missed but can occasionally hit the ball. A few years later Mac's mother tells him to get Bloo a new home/abandon him, he brought Bloo to Foster's, where Bloo now resides.
Roleplay Example*: “I'm telling you, I never did it!” I yelled, jabbing a finger in Mr. Herriman's direction. I waved my paddle-ball around wildly, in a bad attempt to get my point across. Mr. Herriman stared back at me, scowling. “Who do you think you are, the President? I never hit any vase with my paddleball!”
Anything else?: Nope.
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PostSubject: Re: Bloo and Madame Foster   Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:06 pm


CHEESE, imaginary friend

Nomz, Imaginary Friend

Ari Laia, Nomz' Owner.
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Bloo and Madame Foster
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